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About Maddy

Maddy Gold is a Philadelphia painter and design professor at the University of the Arts, Philadelphia University, and Drexel University. She is art director for Tiny Satchel Press, an independent publisher of children's books. She became immersed in art as a small child and art has been the focal point and driving force in her life ever since. As she has developed both her craft as a painter of biomorphic images and her focus as an art teacher, she has come to realize that her love of design supercedes all else.


In the past decade, she has become more and more immersed in the conceptualizing of design as form, function and fancy–that is, taking patterns that either exist in nature or are readily accessible elements of standard imagery, and adapting them to create more fanciful and striking designs for a range of functions, from simple materials such as fabric or wallpaper to more extravagant concepts including furniture, lighting, flooring and even building materials.

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